Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday morning breakfast

I normally don't eat a big breakfast but we have been getting in the habit of going out for breakfast after church on Sunday mornings. Today we decided to sleep in and not go to church. When I woke up I was craving a big breakfast. So I made one. I have been loving getting my CSA every week. I have been getting some pretty exotic (well, exotic to me) vegetables that I haven't seen before. One of them was purple potatoes. I didn't know they even existed. So, I was eager to use them. The good thing about joining a CSA is that it makes you eat healthier because you are getting lots of vegetables that you don't want to go to waste. I decided to make a skillet. You know, the like the ones you get in a restaurant. I fried up my purple potatoes, and then put scrambles eggs on top of them. I then sprinkled fresh basil (from my garen) on top along with cut up homegrown tomatoes (from my CSA) and some feta. It was delish!

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Renata said...

I love the purple potatoes! They taste so good.