Saturday, May 23, 2009


Today was a great day. We went to Jiggle Jam at Crown Center with another couple and their two kids. It was well worth the money we spent on the tickets. Thumbs up to Crown Center for putting this event on. Maleah had a blast playing in the water fountains. We also enjoyed watching Funky Mama and Mr. Stinky Feet perform. They were very entertaining and fun to watch. It's events like these that make me glad I live in Kansas City. They really do have a lot of fun, kid things to do here. I'm looking forward to doing lots of cool things this summer.

Crazy Kristin and Donald. We love em'

Maleah doing her own face painting

Maleah painting

Maleah and Lainee painting. They are too cute!

Maleah and Lainee in the water fountains

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Memorial Day Ceremony...

Maleah and I attended a Memorial Day Ceremony downtown at Police Headquarters today. It was in honor of not only the war veterans but for the fallen officers in Kansas City. Mike was in the ceremony. I felt so "patriotic" watching this ceremony take place. I also felt very proud of my husband all suited up and wearing such an honorable badge. Too many times we take for granted our police officers out there protecting us and putting their lives on the line for us daily. Today I was reminded of how important police officers are to our society. I'm so thankful for them!