Monday, July 14, 2008

Garden Blues

I am quite frustrated with my garden. I don't know what's going on with it, but it's not looking so good. The leaves on a lot of the plants are a yellowish color, not lush and green. My two tomato plants are not producing tomatoes (it had one tomato on there that has been on there for weeks and is not turning red) and the leaves are withering and turning a yellowish color. The cherry tomato plant's leaves look the same but it's producing tomatoes. I have two pepper plants. One has done absolutely nothing and looks like bugs have been chompin' on it. My other pepper plant has one pepper, but it's small, not growing and has been on there FOREVER. Basil is doing pretty good but growing very slowly. Beans look terrible. The leaves on it are very yellow. Cucumbers are growing somewhat. I have a couple of cucumbers but there are flowers on there that look brown and dead and the leaves are also a yellowish color. SO, this is what I did. I pulled up some of the plants, including the two tomato plants. I added some store bought, composted cow manure and also some old homemade compost I had that, actually, is not completely broken down. I added these two things to the whole garden. I planted a few more basil plants today and tomorrow I will plant more beans and tomatoes. We will see what happens. I am praying that the added nutrients will turn things around. I will keep you posted and add more pics in a week or two so you can see the progress. Say a prayer for me that this will work!

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