Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A wonderful Mother's Day!

I had such a wonderful Mother's Day. My husband got up with our 4 year old daughter and let me sleep in until 7:30. Woo hoo! My daughter came in to wake me up because she was so excited. She said I had a surprise in the kitchen. Jarod (my 16 year old son), who is so sweet and so generous, had put this "display" together on the kitchen table. He went all out. I could hardly believe it. He got me (on his own with his own money) a $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble, a real white gold and diamond necklace, a huge bouquet of flowers and a bunch of my favorite organic skincare, which I know was not inexpensive. He got 7 bars of soap, lotion, room spray and a jar of salve. He even went that morning and got me a cup of coffee from one of my favorite coffee shops. I almost cried I was so overwhelmed. Oh, and my daughter (and daddy) made me a card, which is the one in the picture that is standing up.

After church we went and ate at Cheesecake Factory on the Plaza (an upscale shopping area in Kansas City) and then walked around. Oh, I also got to get a new pair of shoes the day before, so I told my husband that was my Mother's Day present from him. It's the practical things that count, you know. I had such a lovely day. My hubby and kids made me feel very special. It's days like this when you truly feel appreciated.

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