Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dresses, dresses...too stinkin' cute!

When I was pregnant with Maleah, I remember thinking, "There is no way I am putting my little girl in pink." I hated pink. It was too "girly" for my taste; and since I rarely wore dresses, I figured I would not put my daughter in them either. And then she was born. I immediately started dressing her in pink because she looked so cute in it. I also started decorating her room in a few pink accessories. I never did do the dress thing, tough, until recently. I don't know why, but lately everywhere I go I am seeing these adorable dresses that I just can't resist buying her (she's now 4 yrs old). They aren't the frilly-type dresses. They are very simple, yet oh so cute. I just had to share a couple of pics. I have also noticed that a lot of women are wearing these simple-type dresses that look really comfortable and have beautiful colors in them. Who knows, I may just have to venture out and buy one as well. Though, I wouldn't expect any pictures of that.

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